Data Security has several moving parts, all of which need to be considered carefully before implementing them. Add to this the need to comply with industry standards, and several regulations. Having an advisor to help point the way can make a big difference.  Focus on your business while we help you create efficiencies across people, processes, and technologies.



Staying ahead of advanced cyber threats is hard. And detecting unknown or hidden threats is even harder.

Outdated solutions struggle to detect risks posed by insider threats, laterally moving malware and compromised accounts, partly because they’re not built for today’s cyber threats, but also because the software solutions that powered legacy security operations centers (SOC) flood analysts with a high volume of alerts, many of which are false alarms.

No matter how hard-working or talented your security team is, there will be a considerable backlog of security incidents — and that’s not going to get better. The reality is that there simply isn’t enough skilled security talent out there — we’re 3.5 million short, in fact – and the ones who do exist are expensive.

So what are companies who rely on dinosaur technology to do? They need to start building the next generation, modern SOC today.


Automated Web Penetration Testing Solution

Let Pentoma AI finds your security vulnerabilities with an offensive approach.
With its CI/CD integration options, the whole penetration testing process is automated.

Pentoma’s unique deep learning and AI technologies advance itself to move beyond the rapidly changing security trends.

Pentoma is an AI-powered penetration testing automation that identifies holes in your web application security before hackers do, helping prevent any potential damages. Pentoma analyzes every web-based app and server including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more to find known and unknown security risks including:

Red Team Service On-Demand


Web application security holes can cause significant damages to your business. However, hiring security experts for penetration testing is complicated and costly. With Pentoma’s deep learning penetration testing technology — it’s now accessible and affordable. Pentoma actively finds security vulnerabilities.